Eng Panha


Shenzhen University

“I just knew that I could trust them, and they did make it happen for me.” Raised and financially supported by the abbot of a tiny pagoda in his hometown, this young gentleman managed to excel in the National Higher College Entrance Exam (the G-12 Examination), scoring a big A against all odds. Mr. ENG Panha lost his mother to a tragic accident when he was 12. He then had to live with his grandpa as his father married to another woman who cut off all financial support to him. Unable to make ends meet, his grandpa had no choice but to entrust his grandson to a pagoda. The teenager had to work as a part-time motorbike driver to feed himself as there is no surplus of food left for him (food supplies has been inconsistent due to the shortage of food donations), while managing to stay on top of his class. NHC Team is happy to help this young man to get access to high education because he definitely deserves it without any doubts. We wish you good luck Panha!