About NHC

Headquartered in Beijing, the capital of China, Ni Hao China Education Consulting Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as NHC) serves as one of the leading pioneers offering top-notch consulting service to international students intending to apply for elite Chinese universities.Over years of rapid growth, NHC has managed to establish a regional branch office in Guangdong Province, and four authorized overseas representative offices in Thailand, Cambodia, Uzbekistan and Moldova, enrolling 30 strategic partners and 200 recruitment officers around the globe. Domestically, NHC has established a cooperative relationship with more than 100 prestigious universities from 20 provinces in China.NHC focuses primarily on study-in-China consulting service, overseas paper-based examination and quality online interview service and overseas on-campus promotion service for Chinese higher education. Each year, some 30,000 international students from over 50 countries benefit from NHC’s professional services.

  • VisionTo serve as one of most reliable higher education consulting firms for both international students and the elite Chinese universities we are honored to be in partnership with.

  • Mission To Promote Chinese Higher Education on a global scale.

  • ValuesOpen, Transparent, Trust-worthy, Professional and Efficient.

NHC’s Strength

As a professional consulting service solution provider, NHC offers our students first-hand and latest information on the university he/she intends to apply for: its enrollment policy change, its domestic/international rankings and top-ranked programs, which help improve their admission chances.

NHC cares and knows what is best for you. NHC’s comprehensive data center helps develop application plans based on a thorough assessment on students’ academic competitiveness, personal interests for social/natural science programs and location preference.

NHC offers Seamless Follow-Up Service.

NHC offers multi-language (English, French, Russian, Arab, Mongolian, Khmer, Thai) consulting services to help students overcome the communication barriers. NHC is home to a vigorous, open-minded international team of professional consultants of diversified cultural backgrounds, with up to 50% of our employees coming from other countries outside China. NHC’s team is confident to deliver you smooth consulting services free from language and cultural barriers.

Most of our partner universities are located in the First-tier/metropolises or Second-tier cities in China, offering a variety of programs, ranging from non-degree language programs and foundation year programs to degree programs (B.A., M.A., Ph.D.)., which covers almost all disciplines such as arts, science, engineering, medicine, business, agriculture, etc.

Standardized processes and online consulting service will not only save you precious time but also significantly boost the odds of securing a scholarship for you.

A Professional Consulting Firm with an Excellent Track Record.

NHC’s service solutions helps students significantly boost their success rate, with up to 99% of them getting admission to the university of their choice, and up to 80% accessing a scholarship.