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Question You Ask Yourself Before Applying

Question You Ask Yourself Before Applying
Getting to know yourself, your educational and career goals is the first step of your journey to go abroad and study in China. We understand it’s a big decision and a life changer that’s why we advise you to read these questions below carefully and think them through before you make the decision.
What Kind of Programs Are You Interested In?
Kindly click on the Search or Universities & Programs to choose the university and program most suitable for you on our home page.
Over 20000+ programs are offered for international students in Chinese universities. Talk to our consultant on the floating chat-box or directly contact him if you need more advice or information on the selection of courses.
As more and more Chinese universities are planning to attract more international students, the number of English taught programs is on the rise as well. Be sure not to miss the opportunity.
Among Non-degree Programs, the learning of Chinese language and culture are the most appealing ones to students around the world. However, as for the other programs, it requires basic language proficiency in Chinese to commit yourself to because they are taught in that language. Some short-term programs offer attractive subsidy package to international applicants, check out what these programs are and start applying.
Important: Bear in mind that you check the application requirements for the applicant's academic performance and language skills before you make a decision.
What Is Your Budget For Education?
Kindly click on the study in China to find out about cost of studying in China on our home page.
As the old saying goes, one should expect for the best but prepare for the worst. The same applies for planning to study abroad: obviously everyone needs a scholarship, but in reality, only 20% of the applicants get what they want. Therefore, it is suggested for one to select two primary groups of programs that are suitable for them, with one on the condition of self-funding, and another when scholarships are applied. We can assist with the selection of two groups to prepare the student for any outcome.
Where Do You Want to Study?
There are multiple options available for you in terms of selecting provinces or cities you want to study in. Kindly click on the Universities by Province on our home page for information on introductions to both metropolises and smaller cities if you need help.  
How Long Are You Planning to Stay in China?
You need 4-5 years for the Bachelor’s degree with the preparation language course before, depending on the university and program you choose, and 2-3 years for the Master's degree programs. As for students pursuing Doctoral degree programs, it would be from 3-5 years. For other Non-degree Programs students, the duration of the programs is ranging between 8 weeks to 1 year.
When Do You Want to Start Classes?
Whereas most programs in China begin in the beginning of autumn season every September, a small number of programs are opened for applications in the spring season in March.
Learn more about application schedule.
There are two major vacations/recesses in China: the short one named winter camp which lasts usually for one month (January-February) and the long one summer camp which usually lasts for more than two months (July-August).
Feel free to contact us if you wish to make full use of your spare time during the summer vacation. And we are more than pleased to help.